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Data recovery software-oplossingen zijn meestal gedownload in stressvolle situaties. Daarom raden we u aan om software te kiezen met de eenvoudigste gebruikersinterface, zodat u uw kostbare tijd niet hoeft te verspillen aan het bestuderen van ingewikkelde software. Dit kan cruciaal zijn voor uw data want mocht er iets mis gaan dan bent u al uw data kwijt. Download hier u data recovery software en haal zelfs uw bestanden gelijk terug. Let wel op: de software Data recovery software Data recovery software haalt alleen de bestanden terug als het om een logische klacht gaat. U kunt de software gratis downloaden, waarna u het meteen kunt gebruiken en u kunt zien of het daad werkelijk al uw bestanden heeft terug gehaald, maar wilt u echter de bestanden op uw computer kunnen opslaan dan moet u de software aanschaffen. 

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery  

Repair a usb stick

Do you have a USB stick that does not work anymore? If the hardware is not damaged and you do not mind losing the files,  Here we tell you how you can saved your data. but if they are important we advise not to try to repair it.

Method 1  how to repair physical damage


1 Determine the importance of the files on the USB stick.

If you find that your files are too important to risk a do-it-yourself attempt, it might be better to find a company that specializes in recovering data on flash drives or USB sticks. These companies have access to hardware and special tools that are intended to repair printed circuit boards. The better companies can remove the NAND memory chip from the printed circuit board and then retrieve the stored data. The prices for recovering the data may very, depending on the damage and the type of recovery required. Some data recovery companies offer a price between 200 en 1500 dollar for physical / internal damage.

2 Grab the necessary tools.

If your files are not important and you want to try it yourself you need the following: A soldering iron with soldering tin and flux. An old USB cable Cable pliers / stripper A small flat-head screwdriver A magnifying glass or magnifying glass Note: These steps only apply if your USB stick has a faulty connector.                    

3 Carefully remove the cover from the USB stick with the flat head screwdriver.

4 Use the magnifying glass to inspect the circuit board and the soldering points.

If the PCB itself is damaged or if solder tips are loose, you probably need the help of a professional . Note: Look at the four soldering points that connect the pins of the USB connector to the copper lines on the PCB. If the connector is broken and the soldering points and PCB are not damaged you can proceed to the next step.

5 Place the USB stick on a hard surface with the end of the connector facing you and with the soldering tips up.


6 Use the cable pliers to cut the end of the USB cable.

Cut off the ‘female’ if it is not a ‘male-male’ cable.


7 Use the cable stripper to expose approximately 0.6 cm from each of the four cables inside.

Or if you do not have an extra USB cable, you might be able to solder pieces of a thin electricity cable to each pin of the faulty USB connector. This way you can make your own mini-USB cable.

8Solder each of the four wires to the four soldering points. The colors from left to right are black, green, white and red.

Do not change these, because then your stick (and your files) will be irreparably damaged. If you use your own wires instead of a cable, you simply have to solder each wire directly to the corresponding pin, regardless of which color the wire has.

9Plug the other end of the USB cable into a computer and thumbs but that it works.

When the connection is made, congratulations! Then copy the files to your computer. If it is still not recognized, there is probably an underlying problem that can not be detected by the naked eye. Consider having it repaired by a professional repair company or hanging it in the Christmas tree to remind you to always back up your important files.  

Repairing a broken USB stick

Repairing a broken USB stick

It is common that a USB stick breaks and people are afraid that the information on the stick is lost. You would be wise not to try to repair the USB stick yourself. It is best to contact an expert or go to a computer store nearby. These can possibly read the data from the flash player using special equipment. Read all about it in this article. It happens with some regularity that a USB stick no longer works. In many cases there is important information on the USB stick that is very important to the owner of the stick. They therefore often have a lot to recover the lost information. It is first of all important to see if it is really true that the USB stick is no longer working or that it is the device you are working with. For example, it may also be that the USB connection of, for example, a computer is no longer working. Sometimes it can also be on the USB stick itself, but it works for example on another device. Before you try to repair the usb stick, it is therefore wise to first check if the usb stick is really broken.

History of the USB stick

The first USB sticks appeared on the market at the end of 2000. They replaced other information carriers, such as the floppy disk and the CD-ROM. These could often only contain information from a few MB<s. The first USB sticks also had a size of 8 MB. The capacity expanded quickly. In July 2009, a stick with 256 GB even came on the market. This is as much information as there is on many hard disks. USB sticks are for sale for 3 Dollar. The more expensive versions are 256 GB in size. This costs a lot more, around 180 dollars in the store. The reading speed has also increased. At the first sticks, that speed was 100 kilobytes per second. In 2009, that was sometimes 30 megabytes per second.

Retrieving information from a broken USB stick

Usually a sign that your USB stick stops working if the device gives an error message, does not report or offers to format the stick. Sometimes the device recognizes the USB stick, but you do not have access. If you can then see how much capacity the USB stick has left, it is likely that the information will be recovered. Even if you accidentally deleted the information, it is often possible to retrieve it with recovery software.

Repairing a broken USB stick

Chances are that there is physical damage when the stick is not recognized at all. The chances are that the control mechanism in the stick itself is damaged. Often the flash chip is still intact so the information on the stick can still be retrieved. usb stick recovery is in this case not possible with software, but in manny cases you can read the flash chip with a so-called NAND flash reader. Most computer stores have a NAND flash reader, so you can go there to read the information from your USB stick.

Repairing a broken USB stick yourself

If the information can not be retrieved using the NAND flash reader, chances are that the flash chip is damaged. Some people try to open the USB stick itself, but you have to be careful with that. Static electricity can easily damage the flash card. A few seconds too much heat can damage the data forever. In this case, you would be wise to go to a computer store or hire someone with a sense of this business.

However, should it be that you do not find it so important to save your files, you might want to try to repair your usb stick.

To save the data of your usb stick:

Samsung Galaxy Recovery sd card

De samsung Galaxy S series is een van de slimste smartphones, maar het is erg frustrerend als u plotseling uw kostbare data bestanden kwijt bent geraakt of per ongeluk hebt gewist.

Oorzaken van Samsung Galaxy Data verlies

Er kunnen oneindig veel oorzaken zijn dat kunnen leiden tot data verlies van uw Samsung galaxy; bekijk hier wat hoofdoorzaken en bekijk of dit u misschien is overkomen.

  • Tijdens de overdracht van data naar uw Samsung Galaxy naar uw windows/mac computer verbrak de usb connectie.
  • Plotseling the computer afsluiten tijdens de overdracht van bestanden. Dit kan ook leiden tot data verlies
  • Een virus infectie. Als uw computer geinfecteerd is, dan kunt u uw data kwijt raken wanneer u uw smartphone erop aansluit.

Samsung Galaxy Recovery in aktie

Als de beschreven situatie u is overkomen, wees dan niet in paniek, u kunt dan met gemak de data terughalen met data recovery software.

De software werkt bij alle merken smarthphones zoals blackberry, samsung galaxy s 1,2,3 Sony Xperia T  Nokia Lumia 900, HTC One X Plus  en nog veel meer.

De software haalt de volgende bestandsindelingen terug, verloren gewiste bestanden of bestand mappen/folders die niet meer kunnen worden geopend, inclusief text documenten foto’s Music, videos multimedia files, emails, database bestanden, sms berichten etc.

De data recovery software is ook geschikt voor mp3/mp4 players, usb flash kaarten memory cards digital foto camera’s, ipod’s


Wanneer het scannen van de sdhc sd of xd of mobile telefoon klaar is, sla uw bestanden niet op de zelfde bestanddrager/media drager op, waar u ze voorheen bent kwijt geraakt maar doe dat op een andere media drager bv een externe harde schijf, sd, xd, sdhc kaart of usb stick .

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Photo recovery jpeg herstellen

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is software dat betrouwbaar is en volledig al uw gewiste/verloren multimedia files bestanden, zoals foto s, video audio terughaalt en recoverd ( herstelt). Infoto recovery Photo Recovery bijna elk geval van data verlies werkt deze foto recovery software naar behoeven. Deze photo recovery softwareis erg makkelijk te gebruiken u hebt totaal geen technische kennis voor nodig. Het enigste dat u hoeft te doen is de foto recovery software downloaden en installeren op uw computer en vervolgens in slechts vier stappen, u gewiste foto s terughalen. Als uw de foto s hebt gerecoverd sla deze dan op een andere data drager op, b.v. een usb stick of externe harde schijf doe dat nooit op de zelfde plek, waar u de software op heb geïnstalleerd. dit voorkomt overschrijving van uw bestaande foto s of andere belangrijke bestanden.

Voor software download >> Click Here

1installeer de software
2kies uw medium van waar u uw dat wilt herstellen
3druk op scan
4als de scan klaar is druk op recovery

Photo recovery software gegevens:

The foto recovery software is geschikt voor het herstellen en terughalen van foto’s op de volgende externe en interne data dragers, zoals: Usb memory sticks, Digital camera’s Xd cards, Sd cards, Ibm micro drives, Mmc cards, Zipdrives, Secure digital cards,minidisk en harddisks aangesloten op windows, en dit na dat u uw bestanden bent kwijt geraakt door middel van b.v. plotselinge systeem uitval, beschadiging van foto’s data bestanden, per abuis uw sd, xd geheugen stick harde schijf geformatteerd, overwacht uitzetten van uw digitale camera waarna er ging toegang meer is tot uw foto kaart, per ongeluk gewist, of plotseling lees fout van u media of sd of xd card.
Photo recovery beschikbaarheid:

heeft veel extra optie als een image maken geavanceerde scan, herstel hervatten. Geschikbaar voor Mac, Windown XP, Vista, NT, 2003 en 2000 en alle windows versies.