Repairing a broken USB stick

Repairing a broken USB stick

Repairing a broken USB stick

It is common that a USB stick breaks and people are afraid that the information on the stick is lost. You would be wise not to try to repair the USB stick yourself. It is best to contact an expert or go to a computer store nearby. These can possibly read the data from the flash player using special equipment. Read all about it in this article. It happens with some regularity that a USB stick no longer works. In many cases there is important information on the USB stick that is very important to the owner of the stick. They therefore often have a lot to recover the lost information. It is first of all important to see if it is really true that the USB stick is no longer working or that it is the device you are working with. For example, it may also be that the USB connection of, for example, a computer is no longer working. Sometimes it can also be on the USB stick itself, but it works for example on another device. Before you try to repair the usb stick, it is therefore wise to first check if the usb stick is really broken.

History of the USB stick

The first USB sticks appeared on the market at the end of 2000. They replaced other information carriers, such as the floppy disk and the CD-ROM. These could often only contain information from a few MB<s. The first USB sticks also had a size of 8 MB. The capacity expanded quickly. In July 2009, a stick with 256 GB even came on the market. This is as much information as there is on many hard disks. USB sticks are for sale for 3 Dollar. The more expensive versions are 256 GB in size. This costs a lot more, around 180 dollars in the store. The reading speed has also increased. At the first sticks, that speed was 100 kilobytes per second. In 2009, that was sometimes 30 megabytes per second.

Retrieving information from a broken USB stick

Usually a sign that your USB stick stops working if the device gives an error message, does not report or offers to format the stick. Sometimes the device recognizes the USB stick, but you do not have access. If you can then see how much capacity the USB stick has left, it is likely that the information will be recovered. Even if you accidentally deleted the information, it is often possible to retrieve it with recovery software.

Repairing a broken USB stick

Chances are that there is physical damage when the stick is not recognized at all. The chances are that the control mechanism in the stick itself is damaged. Often the flash chip is still intact so the information on the stick can still be retrieved. usb stick recovery is in this case not possible with software, but in manny cases you can read the flash chip with a so-called NAND flash reader. Most computer stores have a NAND flash reader, so you can go there to read the information from your USB stick.

Repairing a broken USB stick yourself

If the information can not be retrieved using the NAND flash reader, chances are that the flash chip is damaged. Some people try to open the USB stick itself, but you have to be careful with that. Static electricity can easily damage the flash card. A few seconds too much heat can damage the data forever. In this case, you would be wise to go to a computer store or hire someone with a sense of this business.

However, should it be that you do not find it so important to save your files, you might want to try to repair your usb stick.

To save the data of your usb stick:

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